Collaboration & Business Intelligence

Do your business systems (ERP solution, HR Information system, Payroll system, etc.) generate reams of reports that no one has time to review? Are your analysts left to sort through too much electronic data from incompatible sources? Do you end up with information about your business that can best be described as “too little, too late”. If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then Ascendra has the answer for you. Ascendra provides Business Intelligence solutions, individually designed for your business, that turn “too little, too late” into “just right, on time”.

Let the Ascendra team of financial and technical consultants show you how to turn all that data into actionable information for your business. We use our decades of senior financial and technical experience to quickly assess your information needs, identify any data gaps, propose solutions and implement a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) platform that delivers real ROI for your technology investment.

Big Data, Small Data, All Data. Built on top of Microsoft’s proven Business Intelligence platform, Ascendra’s BI solutions provide:

  • Easy access to data, no matter the size
    Search, access, and shape internal and external data, and combine with unstructured data
  • Powerful business insights with familiar tools
    Speed up analysis and time to insight with the familiarity of Excel in Office and Office 365
    Improve access through SharePoint delivered to your laptop, tablet, smart phone, or other mobile device
  • Complete BI platform
    Scale your BI models and enrich and secure your data with a complete platform spanning cloud and on-premises