Cloud (Public/Private)

The Microsoft “Public Cloud” is the fastest growing, web-based service provider to meet all your organizations needs on servers hosted outside of your organization. Ascendra is one of the few Microsoft Partners to offer design, implementation, and support services for the Microsoft Public Cloud, including the Office 365 and Azure service offerings. Public cloud services allow customers to choose exactly what and how much of each technology to produce cost savings and support customer missions and applications.

Microsoft Public Cloud offerings enable Ascendra’s customers to realize the primary tenants of cloud computing:

  • Pooled Resources – Compute, storage, and networking are pooled to dynamically provision and scale applications
  • Self-service – Deliver applications as services users can provision, configure, and manage through an interactive portal
  • Elastic – Resources can quickly be expanded (scaled up) or contracted (scaled down) to meet business requirements
  • Usage-based – Usage is metered so organizations pay for only the resources that are actually consumed

Ascendra provides the following Microsoft Office 365 Public Cloud services:

  • Office 365 setup and configuration
  • Exchange Online deployment and migration for cloud based email
  • SharePoint Online configuration and migration for cloud based collaboration and document management
  • Lync Online setup and training for instant messaging, presence, and peer to peer voice and video conferencing
  • Workstation installation and configuration to optimize the Office 365 experience
  • SkyDrive Pro and Yammer guidance and best practices

Ascendra provides the following Windows Azure Public Cloud services:

  • Windows Azure architecture, design, and implementation
  • Windows Azure Backup and Azure storage setup to meet offline data and disaster recovery needs
  • Windows Azure Virtual Machines and networking providing Infrastructure as a Service
  • Identity and Access Management services leveraging Azure
  • SQL Azure database modeling, design, migration, and implementation
  • SQL Azure Reporting for cloud based standard reporting and analysis

Private Cloud

Most organizations have widely adopted virtualization for all but the most specialized of workloads. The question of whether to virtualize a workload shifted to why not virtualize. To take advantage of the benefits from virtualization, a Microsoft Private Cloud provides the latest in management innovation to improve performance, increase efficiency, and streamline infrastructure resources. Windows Server 2012 R2 Cloud OS offers built in virtualization capabilities in Hyper-V and provides best-in-class features and performance. Adding the capabilities of System Center enables organizations to build cloud elasticity and scalability into their traditional datacenter using automation, resource pooling, and dynamic provisioning. The benefit of a Microsoft Private Cloud is simplified provisioning of systems, the ability to deploy applications faster, and enhanced management/monitoring of business critical systems.

Ascendra’s technical architects and engineers work with enterprise IT departments today to recast their datacenter services into private cloud computing models. This transformation includes automation of their delivery model with self-service provisioning and administration portals, plus instituting charge-back or report-back capabilities based on resource usage.